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Run your Business Efficiently with Our Unified AI Tools.

Empowering Small Businesses with All-in-One Tools and AI to Drive Growth, Cut Costs, and Enhance Customer Engagement.
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Simple, yet powerful features

Nindster has a suite of tools that combines CRM, marketing automation, data management, accounting and payments. It's intuitive, easy to use, and makes running your business a breeze.

Booking and Appointement

Nexurn syncs and integrates everything in one user-friendly platform, which enables users to arrange better meetings in a shorter amount of time.

Drive more pipeline

Turn marketing leads into booked meetings, faster.

Improve lead response times

Gain a competitive advantage when you qualify, route, and book leads instantly.

Boost conversion rates

Reduce friction in the sales funnel and close more deals.

Powerful CRM to manage your clients

Keep track of all of your deals in a single location, and quickly identify which possibilities require your attention in order to provide the greatest possible income effect.

Better manage your sales pipeline

Create and track opportunities at every stage of the pipeline. Define and customize your own pipeline stages and monitor customer deals as they move across your funnel. Centralize all your deals in one place and easily import existing deals into your nexurn CRM

Identify easy wins and track every customer interaction

Learn from the past and track the history of all your customer interactions against your won and lost deals. Get a 360-degree view of your open deals and see immediately where the biggest revenue impact will be.

Collaborate easier with your team

Easily see if you and your team are running behind on your related tasks. Link contacts, add notes, attach documents, and assign tasks to each other to help you better achieve your team objectives.

Full report on your business metrics and performance


Access a marketplace of tools that will skyrock your business


Chat with your customers directly for yourdashboard.


Make data driven decision for your business and other aspect.

Reputation management and reviews control

Increase positive Google reviews in a few months, share them automatically on your website, and start attracting customers from the web.

2 ways sms marketing

Connect directly with your contacts by sending them SMS messages that are customized to specific needs or for your most urgent marketing messages.

Get more opens, clicks, and sales

Create stunning emails in minutes and use advanced segmentation tools to make more impact.


Send one-time email broadcasts with updates and special offers.

Automation emails

Design and trigger action-based, automated emails to engage and sell.


Create automated email sequences to follow up with and nurture your subscribers.

Beautiful email signup and suvey forms made easy.

Want to collect customers information? No worries! Just use nexurn to create awesome signup forms, complete with lead capture, in seconds. Our beautiful layouts & design templates will make your signup form perfect.
Live Web Chat

An instant way to connect with your customers

Nexurn is a game-changing digital customer experience tool that allows brands to be where customers are (via instant chat) and provide customer service, promotions, and other services in real-time.

Automate every aspects of your business

Nexurn is an automation platform that lets you automate your business at the speed of the light. Forget about slow, outdated software and clunky workflows. Nexurn is built for today's world and for today's business. With Nexurn, you can automate anything from data collection to reporting, marketing to sales, with just a few clicks!

Are you ready to manage your business with zen?

Tired of the stress? It might be time to consider the benefits nexurn has to offer. We're here to simplify and manage your business from design to delivery, cutting out all of the clutter. You can count on us for everything from your logo design, digital marketing, and accounting needs. Live a life of peace and harmony with nexurn by your side.

People love us

What our customers say about us

Woman Cheerful Studio Portrait Concept

Alicia Berk

Restaurant owner
I never used sms before to reach out my customers but using nexurn has made things so much easier to talk to my clients. The interface is easy and interactive. It's such a life-saver!
Curly haired woman portrait, smiling face close up psd

Kiara Wilson

Family therapist
Over 10 years as a therapist, I'm continuously trying to expand. Nexurn's phone-to-text capability helped me gain new clients. Best of all, you may effortlessly book client appointments. I recommend nexurn to small-business owners.
Smiling businessman face portrait, wearing suit psd

Demarco Hernandez

Working as a contractor can be complicated and it's easy to miss opportunities from your clients. Nexurn is a great app that helps you capture all of your leads. I've been using nexurn for 2 months and I couldn't be happier with the app.
Portrait of a Pakistani man

Tarum Nepal

Real Estate Agent
I am so happy I found Nexurn. I just lunched my business and i was looking for an all in one platform where I can manage all my clients, finding Nexurn as made things much easier. It is a great tool to use for managing your business, it has everything you need to get started and more.
Man Cheerful Studio Portrait Concept

Dereck Smilton

Financial Advisor
I love the fact that you can capture, nurture, manage and close deals right inside the app without the need of and additional software or tools, everything can be done in just one place.
Beautiful cheerful woman sitting by a white wall

Helena Chimako

Hair Salon Owner
I've used nexurn for a year as a hairstylist. The app made it easy to set up meetings in the morning and wash their hair afterward. Using nexurn has given me extra time in the morning and simplified the way I manage my clients.

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