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Nexurn is currently the #1 affordable website design offer of the internet for small businesses.

Say goodbye to building tools and freelancers. Say hello to Nexurn!

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WE DESIGN FOR YOU Nexurn is a technology company that will give you professional website design for your business. We'll provide you with different web layouts that can be customized to suit your needs.


We bring the latest trends to you to make your website more efficient, user-friendly, and performant. Our experts will help you take advantage of these improvements and take your website to the next level.


Nexurn makes website management easy! Our experts will do the heavy lifting for you. When it comes to technical changes, content campaigns, or marketing efforts, we'll ensure sure your site is constantly running smoothly.
Discover the never-before amazing list of what will be inside your deal.

What's Included Inside the Website Design Package?


Free Hosting for Life

Forget about paying monthly for your website hosting. Don't pull your debit card out for the rest of your life.


Ultra Fast VPS Server

No more share hosting, your deserve the speed and a whole web space. We host your site on a Virtual Private Server.



To make it easy for you to mange your website, we use WordPress. Most websites around the $199/m websites are built on WordPress. You can learn more about WordPress online.


Up to 10 pages

No more 5 pages website only. Feel free to add more pages to your site. We are here to help you grow your business.


Malware Protection

500k websites get attacked every single month but dont worry we got you covered. We will take care of those hackers.


Automatic Backups

Backups help to always have a copy of your website somewhere. st in case the impossible happens. You'll get automatic backups.


SSL Security

It's now mandatory to have a SSL on your website, otherwise you will be penalized by Google. You get it for free with us.


Free Rebranding

To make your brand look amazing , we will design you and brand new logo with for your busiess that will make you stand out.


Up to 3 Integration

You can have up to 3 addons installed on your website to enhanced the feature and capability of your site. We can discuss which one you want.


Professional Emails

No more gmail Yahoo or AOL, use a real professional email that makes you look professional and exceptional.


Responsive Design

All our sites are mobile responsive which means they can adapt to any screen size and work just fine without any issues.


Support 24/7

We are here to help you remain up and running. After delivered , we still going to be around to make sure that everything is ok .


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So What Kind Of Websites Are Included in This Deal?

There are many different kinds of websites. Nexurn creates these seven types of websites that are commonly used for $199. To discover more about each variety, simply click on it. If you require a website type that isn't listed here, please contact us to discuss.


A business website is any website that is dedicated to representing the interests of a specific company or organisation. It should be branded in the same way as the company (with the same logo and positioning) and express the types of products and/or services that the company provides.


Portfolio websites are websites that are dedicated to displaying examples of previous work. Those in the service industry who wish to demonstrate the high quality of their work to prospective clients might create a portfolio website to collect some of the greatest examples of previous work they have completed. This form of website is less complicated to construct than a commercial website, and it is more focused on a specific task: gathering work samples.


Brochure websites are a streamlined version of traditional commercial websites. Businesses that understand the importance of having an online presence but do not want to invest a lot of money in it (perhaps they are confident that they will continue to get the majority of their business from other sources) may find that a simple brochure site with just a few pages that lay out the basics of what you do and provide contact information is sufficient for them.


Not every website exists only for the purpose of generating revenue in some form. Many people find it beneficial to create personal websites in order to communicate their own ideas to the rest of the world. Personal blogs, video blogs, and photo diaries are all examples of online diaries that people share with the world.


A blog is a collection of articles, images, and videos that are updated on a regular basis. When opposed to periodicals, blogs began out with more informal, personal content. However, over time, the distinctions have become further blurred, and it is now fairly usual for prominent brands and organisations to have their own blog. It increases the overall credibility of a firm or an individual when they provide expert material. Blogs can also be used to generate content for social media posts and email campaigns.

Hmm, So What’s The Catch? Why Only $199 ?

Well, there is no catch actually. Our goal is to help every one and every business to have an online presence at a very affordable coast that way anyone can take advantage of the opportunity to be online. In an effort to help everyone we even decided to have a payment plan for people who can’t pay the amount in one time. We hope you see a value and appreciate this initiative by sharing it to someone you think need a website for their business.

Need something custom to your needs?

We offer a free consultation if you have a project that does not fall into our category.

Frequently asked questions

What platform does Nexurn build my website?
To make it easy for you to mange your website, we use WordPress. Most website arround the $199/m websites are built on WordPress. You can learn more about WordPress here.
Do we own the website once it's done being developed?
Yes. During the support time we take of your website, updates and security to avoid getting hacked, so you own it because we give you full access to the backend, allowing you to do practically anything you want. Once the support time expire you will then start taking care of it yourself unless add an extra service for $20 monthly maintenance.
How long does it take to build my free website?
We begin development after 10 business days of signing up. This gives our account managers time to collect all the necessary content and to design a wireframe with you. After the two week prep period, we begin development. From there you are looking at about 2 weeks before you will receive your first draft. As a general rule, it should not take more than 2 weeks to receive your complete website, unless, you have a very elaborate website. Need it faster? We offer rush options! It will cost cost you $499 for 5 days delivery.
What other services do you provide?
Ohh wow.. We are the software house baby 🙂 jk.. In a nutshell we are a digital tech company so we basically offer a wide ranges of service in the digital world. Digital marketing, App development. To learn more about our service. You can learn more about our services here.
For how long do I get support & updates?
You will find us whenever you need us. It’s truly 24/7! The annual license of the Happy Addons promises 1 year of support and updates from us. While the lifetime license makes sure we stand by you all way through.
Which payment method do you use ?
We accept credit and debit card and also PayPal if you prefer to pay with it.
Who provide the content for my site?
You. We expect clients to bring their own content if they have it but if not we will take care of the content ourself, we will just need you to approve it.
Can I get a refund if I change my mind after the payment?
That wouldn’t be nice, since we will already be working on your site all those hours of work will be wasted. Make sure you’re ready before to move forward.


Happy and satisfied clients share their experience

Shams W.Pawel

Cookie Shop Owner
I used Nexurn for a complex web app that integrates with Ship station and automates billing. I've also used them to build my websites. I I highly recommend Nexurnt if you are on a budget and expect good quality work

Yedira Aron

Nail Salon Owner
Working with Cyriac and his team is a pleasure. They are very understanding People and didn't have to explain to much for them to understand how I want my website. Quick responses and good energy.

Nixon Vargos

I can proudly say that I had the best experience ever!! It was so easy and pleasant to work with you guys. They created my website for my personal business, including awesome content. And I'm gonna use them now for my organization.

Alicia Vilicia

Hair Salon Owner
I still can't believe it that I was able able to get this professional website for only $199/m . I thought I need to spend thousands of $$ to get this running. Thank you very much, guys. I definitely recommend them.
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